Florence and George Vithoulkas at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a very gentle, safe yet powerful therapy designed to help stimulate the body to heal itself with a minimum dose of remedy. It uses the principle of similarity to identify remedies suited to each person according to the characteristic symptoms they suffer from: homeopathy treats individuals, not diseases. Experience from 200- plus years of using the remedies since the therapy was started by Samuel Hahnemann, and also experiments on healthy individuals, tell us what range of symptoms a given substance could create in a healthy person. The correctly identified remedy made with that substance can help a sick person recover from some of those ailments.

Homeopathy can be used on all living organisms: humans, animals and plants. The key to good prescribing is to find characteristic symptoms (for example: a headache which is made better by pressing on the painful side and worse by any movement) or a cause for the symptoms (for example: after a fright or exposure to cold or wet weather). Agro-homeopathy, Homeopathy for plants, gardens and farms, is developing. Sources of information are detailed on the page:  ‘What are they For’

Homeopathic remedies are created using extremely high dilutions of the original substances.

What to expect:

The first consultation is a comprehensive case-taking designed to help me understand your symptoms on all levels – mental, emotional and physical – as the homeopathic prescription is so individual. The remedy for your chronic headaches is most likely to differ from your neighbour’s and there are about 3,000 remedies to choose from! This is why giving details about your life style and what normally triggers your problems is so important.

You will be given or sent your homeopathic prescription with instructions on how to take it as well as any precautions. The remedy may be given in various forms, such as a pill, powder or in liquid.

A follow up consultation typically takes place 4-6 weeks later and is usually shorter. Florence will carefully assess your response to the remedy and establish whether you need more treatment. It is very helpful to try and keep a diary of your symptoms when undergoing homeopathic treatment.

Florence is a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.